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LTF: February 10, 2008

The election would be quicker this way Video games meet the 2008 Election in this latest edition. This comic is like my Duke Nukem Forever, it took me forever. Now that its done, what else can I hype without following through on?
LTF: January 26, 2008

A political cartoon.  A very lazy one. Badly captioned pictures and editorializing. Welcome to LARPers Throwing Feces on the campaign trail. Its like FOX News, only without a budget...
LTF: November 27, 2007

Hooray for the WACOM... In case you ever wondered why sometimes content is slow in coming around here, we explain everything in the rough debut of LARPers Throwing Feces!
X Inc: September 6, 2005

Why just limit yourself to Christianity? We introduce an entirely new corporate entity in this, the final chapter of X Inc. Not so say it wraps up in a neat fashion so much as we just got really fucking lazy for awhile. Will it come back? Who knows.
X Inc: September 3, 2005

Jesus: The voice of hippies everywhere So maybe not everyone's down with the new plans for horizontal expansion at X Inc. Its as if the New Testament and Old Testament are coming to a head in the latest comic, now with Godwin-invoking Nazi goodness!
X Inc: September 1, 2005

Iraq or Chekoslovakia, you decide... Now that we're done attacking people who work at Texas Roadhouse, or rather "a" person at Texas Roadhouse, let's get back to our regularly scheduled cartoon...
X Inc: July 17, 2005

I'm not just pretentious, but also bitchy... Nothing like a completely unlicensed cameo to make your point. I haven't even ever been to Texas Roadhouse, but for some reason I'm pissed at their former employees.
X Inc: July 16, 2005

I don't really like Harry Potter... Ya know, I just don't really like Harry Potter. Some may say that makes me a Communist, and maybe they're right. I'm just sayin'...
X Inc: July 13, 2005

Welcome to Christianity Incorporated Our first attempt to provide our readers with a "funny pages". Its not really funny, per se, but it is a set of "pages", so we're 50% successful...

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