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New Pictures of .DE, .AT, and .CZ

Dateline - Europe February 12, 2012

New Pictures! Finally, some new winter pictures of Germany and Austria have arrived. Also, an entirely new section for an entirely new place: The Czech Republic!
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US World Politics
Strong BM Only Thing Holding Him Together

World weary moan, followed by plop Dateline - Seattle, WA May 21, 2010

Despite a deepening depression, brought on by the stresses of both the workplace and home, local sysadmin Jim Johnson can take solace in his sole daily indulgence...
Falling Dollar Brings New Life to Angola

Angola: Land on Google Maps Dateline - Luena, Angola, March 13, 2008

With the strength of the US Dollar reaching historical lows, many travellers and investors are finding their dollars increasingly unwanted by foreign businesses...
Zombie Yeltsin Takes Vengeance on Past Enemies

Brainskis, BRAINSKIS Dateline - Moscow, Russia April 26, 2007

Just days after being laid in state in the Russian capital, former president Boris Yeltsin's reanimated corpse rose and began reigning down terror upon stunned onlookers.
Tech Science Potpourri
Return Immediately to Me My Penis

The cat is out... Dateline - Washington DC August 5, 2010

On Tuesday, it came to my attention that a leak had occurred from a "social network" to which I am a member.
Scientists Make Shocking Alzheimer's Discovery

Mendel has a posse Dateline - Seattle, WA, March 11, 2008

Researchers at the University of Washington today presented the results of a study showing that Alzheimer's cases are more likely when both the subject's biological parents suffered from the disease.
F*** You, Dave

No, really. Dateline - Seattle, WA March 30, 2011

Area man Dave Slydell was laid off today, concluding what his co-workers have called "a pretty useless tenure" as project manager for a small local IT company.

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