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Local Man Seeks Patent on 'Web RC 1'

Dateline Seattle, WA - February 3, 2007

After being named Time's Man of the Year for 2006, many Americans have rested on their laurels and enjoyed the attention. Eagerly they await their turn to drive the "new Internet" or "Web 2.0". Some intrepid entrepreneurs have gone further, championing the cause of "Web 3.0", or the "mobile Internet". None of them has gone as far as local unemployed system administrator Milton Sinclair, the self-styled 'Father of Web 4.0'.

"I think it will most certainly be the driving force of the future of the Internet and network communications," Sinclair says, "I really don't want to be too specific, because I need to protect my intellectual property."

Sinclair is right to be worried. With more people driving Internet content production than ever before, the competition and innovation for Web 2.0 has never been tighter. Websites such as Youtube, recently aquired by Google, and Myspace, aquired by News Corp., have drawn huge offers from major players, pointing to a lucrative opportunity for web pioneers when it comes to user-driven content. In a separate but parallel market, the mobile internet, dubbed "Web 3.0", has been a fertile ground for companies such as Apple, who recently announced plans for their iPhone. But Sinclair envisions a bigger, more mobile, more user-driven Internet than even Web 2.0 or 3.0 can accomodate.

"I am envisioning a world where Web 2.0 and 3.0 can play together. A world where not only can you watch user-submitted pornography on the train to work in the morning, but you can actually submit your own pornography from the train to work in the morning," Sinclair beams, "The infrastructure necessary to support this undertaking would be incredible. It will certainly drive markets in the wireless communications area."

But certainly Web 4.0 won't all be about pornography?

"Well, I've had to change the specs some to allow for other content, which is why the latest submitted version in the patent application is for RC 1," clarified Sinclair, "But really Web 4.0 is all about balls. Balls everywhere! Mobile balls, user-driven balls, blogs about balls, etc. I believe that people really just want to be able to put their balls on the Internet whenever and however they please."

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