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Practical Joke Goes Awry in Sales Office

Dateline - Seattle, WA, February 29, 2008

White people do the darnedest things... In what office-mates have deemed "wicked funny" and "completely topical", 29-year-old sales associate Grant Swindell today mounted a pair of nooses above co-worker LeCharles Thompson's cubicle.

"LeCharles is pretty outspoken," said one onlooker, 32-year-old Walt Whithalm, "He's all about supporting Obama, and listening to Jesse Jackson. When I came in and saw what Grant did, I started laughing pretty hard. I mean, its a social commentary right? Yessah, boss! Like on Chappelle show that one time..."

Not all found the gag so amusing, however, including Thompson. Who upon entering the office responded by tearing down the nooses and stalking about trying to find the perpetrator. This was greeting by a helping of laughs from astonished workers, that is until he found Swindell.

"Yeah, I admitted to it, who wouldn't? That was awesome," said Swindell when interviewed by WNN, "I'm always on point with my humor. Everyone loves me. Anyways, I was reading Golf Magazine the other day at lunch, the one with the noose on the cover, and I just thought, 'Hey, this would be great to do to LeCharles!' You know, since he's so black! I'm not sure why he punched me in the eye..."

"I completely think he [Thompson] over-reacted," said another co-worker, 26-year-old Leslie Miller, "I mean, Grant's not really a racist, you know? Besides, didn't Dave Chappelle do something like this once? When there was the white family named Niggar? That was funny, right?"

Both Swindell and Thompson have been placed on unpaid leave while an investigation is being conducted.

For WNN this is Thatpics Actuallyreal reporting.

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