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Childhood Obesity Can Result in Early Puberty; Larger Breasts

Dateline Chicago, IL - March 5, 2007

In a shocking report, released today by the University of Michigan's Mott Children's Hospital, researchers detailed findings which show that childhood obesity may lead to and earlier onset of puberty. The study followed 354 girls from age 3 until age 9, and measured breast development as a sign of the onset of puberty. The group of girls who were "fatter", according to MSNBC, tended to show earlier breast development than the less fat group.

"Our finding that increased body fatness is associated with the earlier onset of puberty proves additional evidence that growing rates of obesity among children in this country may be contributing to the trend of early maturation in girls," said Dr. Joyce Lee, "In order to judge the onset of puberty, we monitored breast development in both the fat group and the control. Unequivocally, we found the at age 9, the fat group had larger breasts than the control. The truly startling fact, however for us, was that in the boys studied at age 9 had also grown breasts in the fat group. Additionally, we found that the penii of the fat males was smaller than that of the boys control, indicating that perhaps fat boys contain more estrogen at time of puberty onset than skinny boys."

For WNN this is Dr. Correlation N. Otcausation reporting.

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